How To Change Root Folder In Hosting

How To Change Root Folder In Hosting. To change the document root folder: Find the domain you wish to change in the modify addon domain section.

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You can change the document root directory by moving the contents of the public_html directory to another directory, and then creating a symbolic link. Answered jun 20 at 10:29. How to change my document root folder using an.htaccess file june 4, 2018 june 4, 2018 cpanel whm, linux/centos, migration, wordpress 1 comment by default, files of your.

Under Web Hosting, Next To The Linux.

I want to change it because i used laravel framework and used github for fast and easy update. To check your root directory, open your hpanel homepage, and click on. Edited jun 20 at 10:30.

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In The Above Lines You Should Replace The Following:

In the domains section, click the addon domains or subdomains icon, depending on which you'd like to modify. In the account dashboard, select cpanel admin. To change the document root folder:

The Syntax Is Cd Followed By The Name Of The Directory You Want To Go To.

In the modify a domain section at the bottom of the page, click the pencil icon next to the current document root for the domain you wish to modify: Copy and paste the following text into the.htaccess file. I purchased recently godaddy deluxe linux hosting, and according to my understanding i can host unlimited domains and websites there.

Next To The Hosting Account You Want To Use, Click Manage.

Rewriteengine on rewritecond % {request_uri} !^public rewriterule ^ (.*)$ public/$1 [l] share. Open the subfolder where your wordpress website is located. Apache is installed in the /var/www/html directory.

A Home Directory (Public_Html) Contains Your Website's Data On A Is A Directory For Your Own Hosting Account.

On the top menu bar, click + file. In the new file name text box, type.htaccess, and then click create new file. This is the default apache root.

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