How To Add React Js File To Firebase Hosting

How To Add React Js File To Firebase Hosting. Inside the build/static directory will be your javascript and css files. With firebase v9 this is no harder than importing the initializeapp function from firebase/app.

Setting up a basic file upload feature for your static website with
Setting up a basic file upload feature for your static website with from

After updating the code shown below. Give it your project name. In the src of your project, make two folders:

Now Type Y As We Are Ready To Proceed.

Now, click the continue button. As the build folder of react apps is. Now it's the time to build our react app and make it ready to be deployed.

Let’s Go Ahead And Make Our Way To Firebase:

After creating your project click on the “add firebase to your web app” button in the middle of the page and copy the code snippet that pops up. Deploy the react app step by step. I initially ran firebase init hosting, which ended up overwriting my index.html file.

You Will Be Navigating In A Console On That Click On The Hosting As Shown In Below Image:

Set up a new firebase project. I have created a web app with express as a backend and react as the frontend. Give it your project name.

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Then All You Need To Do Is To Run The Next Command.

This will show a number of commands to execute. In the video above we will be jumping to how to deploy a reactjs application with firebase hosting! Are you interested in learning how to quickly get a reactjs application running with firebase hosting?check out the video to learn more!

To Use This Command First You Need To Install It By Using The Following Command:

First, we will initialize a firebase project in our react app by running the following command in the console in our root directory. Click create a project button. Here we are in testing mode, so we allow both read and write as true.

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